When you make a couple of Military Intelligence specialists redundant, you can never tell how their energy might be channeled elsewhere.

For Lars and Dipso a difficult start in partnership gets better as it progresses. From being all at sea and unable to see where the much needed cash is going to come from to continue their lavish lifestyle, their ingenuity lands a big prize.

The partnership itself is the result of an accidental encounter. But when they discover evidence of a scam to beat all scams, they set about putting things right in a most novel way.

Some people can make something out of nothing. But what appears to be a very easy job turns out to be anything but.

They find there is no problem in earning a spectacular reward, but will they live to enjoy it?

Neither can envisage a life of crime, but they have to start somewhere. And itís not long before their teamwork pays off. Although itís not the kind of contract that most people would want, money becomes secondary to staying alive.

Larsí espionage and neutralisation skills come in handy with the challenge of tracking down the arch villain, whose merciless gang terrorise many people in several countries. Dipso finds he has to get more imaginative about his role and surprises Lars with his ability to persuade people.

As the bodies pile up, the logistics of disposing of them grows daunting. But unlike in their former lives in Military Intelligence, Lars and Dipso have to find their own way of dealing with the garbage disposal problems.

This is a fast moving story with kidnaps, death threats, gangs, guns and big rewards and a few chuckles in between.

In a story where it is often difficult to decide who is chasing whom, even Military Intelligence decide that they now might have further use for this highly effective duo as the story moves rapidly on.

The story starts in London with a chance encounter, then moves between Spain and London Ė and back again before reaching its spectacular and exciting end.

This is a compelling story of daring and danger which has many surprises. You will not want to miss a single page.



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