Hope and Fury



Growing up in the 40ís and 50ís was a quite different experience to growing up today. This story starts with the lead character in his cot in a small city terraced house with itís own small air-raid shelter in the garden and follows his progress to when he leaves school at just 14years and a few months old.

The struggle of his parents to earn an income with long working hours in an unforgiving industrial environment and the problems of rationing dominate his early years and do not improve that much with time.

Cats, dogs and other pets. Hobbies and passtimes.

The experiences of childhood with very little parental guidance and lots of amusing and daring actions. There is a wildness about these early years that is quite different from today.

Experiences of early years schools that prove hopelessly inadequate for what is to come. The 11+ experience and discovery that passing the exam is one thing, any hopes of going to a grammar school is quite another.

Sometimes amusing and sometimes deeply sad, life in a family with far too many children is tough. The problems of sibling rivalry in a house that is crammed full of people with very little food living next door to those who have few or no children and become quite well off.

The experience of secondary school, with post war teachers who are all scarred with the experiences of war but do a fine job of teaching. Classroom and playground pranks, the experience of bullying and attitudes to dealing with it.

Life in city slums and then on the early council estates, often build on the edge of countryside. The kids gangs. Hot summers and cold winters with clothing that has more holes than gouda cheese.

Hopes and fears. The reality of a society that keeps the lower classes in their place and exploits them for all they are worth.

From wireless to television. Keeping in with your more well off neighbours.

The pranks and the penalties and how we met our need to travel.

Social visitations. Everyone from the doctor and midwife to family friends and the salvation offerings of American powered churches.

A growing resolve to be successful in spite of the poverty and changing sibling attitudes.

This part of the story ends with our hero leaving school and getting out into the working environment full of hope and the discovery of a very bleak looking future cleaning motorcycles.


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