Fire & Fortune



Danny Phelps, an ex-soldier who runs his own small business as an investigator is hired to snoop on small time benefit fraudster. He witnesses an exchange of packages with an unknown man with a very expensive car.

The stakes get bigger when the fraudster tries to petrol bomb Danny in his van, with disastrous results for the fraudster.

There follows a succession of attempts on Danny’s life. But he wins a big prize and begins to fulfil his dreams of creating a large security business.

But the attempts on his life become more frequent.  His quick wittedness and instinct for survival see him through each threat, but at the expense of his home life.

The story progresses with Danny being forced to move out of his home.

 Danny meets up with some old friends, who find that they need Danny as much as he needs them. But both organised crime and the local criminal mob are out to get him. But Danny’s security company is also gaining in strength.

From early on, Danny can’t figure out why there should be so many attempts on his life and can’t get the Police (enter Det. Insp. ‘Teddy’ Bear and team) to take the threats on Danny’s life seriously. Bear makes it clear to Danny that it’s no good trying to lock the big criminals up on small-time charges. They need to get to the bottom of the big crime that is clearly being planned. But what is it?

The plot has many twists and turns, with numerous very lucky escapes for Danny. Undeterred, Danny concentrates on trying to move his businesses forward and cope with having lots of cash that his bank manager thinks he should invest more wisely.

Danny’s love-life is not made any easier  by his ne’er do well brother Mike, who is persistently angling to steal Danny’s girl friend Rita from him. But the more danger that threatens Danny and eventually his girlfriend, the more difficult his love life becomes.

Danny loves gadgets and there are a few life-saving and funny moments throughout the story. It takes a while before Danny starts to see through the enormous crime that he has inadvertantly stumbled on. The small time fraudster is at the heart of it all and remains torn between the protection that Danny offers and his criminal masters pressing him onwards in a crime that will change his life.

The story races along with many action scenes and ends with the plot being revealed and a lively showdown.

After all of Danny’s hard work and nail-biting survival of life-threatening violence, the Police in the shape of Teddy Bear, finally step in, but it may be too late for Danny and his team.

There is never a dull moment in this outrageously massive plot.


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